We will contact you with a date for parent / child interview. Please make a note of your child's special need.


You will receive an e-mail with the application for admission and a request for all required documentation.


We will confirm a Parent/Child/Teacher interview time and date for parents to and view the Academy.


Submit the required documentation, together with the the non-refundable application fee and first month’s fee.

Enrolment Application

The SEAL Academy caters for children with intellectual impairments and other disabilities, however, we do not have the facility for physical disability. Please provide any additional information on your child’s diagnosis. Standard parent/child/teacher interviews will be included as part of the SEAL enrolment process. This allows us to meet with your child and yourself, and for parents to view our facility.
FEES AND NOTICE I, /we the undersigned, do acknowledge and hereby agree to pay the undernoted regulations: Upon acceptance of my child at The SEAL Academy l agree to pay: School Fees on or before 25th of each month. Fees on a monthly basis for 12 months . In the event that it shall be necessary to enforce this contract or collect any other debt due to the school by the undersigned with the service of an attorney, I/we agree to bear all costs incurred by the school. I agree to pay pursuant to the termly fee structure and failing that to the monthly structure on a debit order. The school shall have the right to with hold any and all services to the Learner or dismiss the Learner without notice should the undersigned not pay their fees on the due date. Notice I agree to give one (1) full term written notice before withdrawing my child from The SEAL Academy otherwise fees in lieu of notice will be charged. Rules and Regulations I/we understand and agree to comply with all the rules and regulations of the school. Failure to comply with The SEAL Academy rules and regulations will result in the termination of this contract without notice. The SEAL Academy reserves the right to make any changes to the rules and regulations with or without notice if deemed necessary. *Father ID number
On submission of the form you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received your enquiry with instructions for admission attached and our contact information. We are unable to confirm your child’s enrolment until all the instructions in this e-mail have been followed and all required documentation has been submitted and reviewed. You hereby consent to The SEAL Academy (Pty) Ltd contacting you if necessary and providing your personal information to facilitate this process.

Fees & Rules

2020 ADMISSIONS & FEES Find all information pertaining to the Academy fees and regulations.

Required Documentation for Enrolment:
1. Admission form per child
2. Proof of Address
3. Copies of ID of person responsible for payment of fees
4. 3 months bank statement of person responsible for payment of fees
5. Copies of Childs birth certificate
For additional Fees information and rules, please view the PDF via the link below.