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Our Extra-Curriculum Inclusions



Learning to swim is a fun experience, great exercise and a terrific esteem builder, no matter the age. Water, provides a sense of freedom and independence.

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Activities, through structured exercise, sports or active play. Behaviours become routines that are likely to continue into adulthood.

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For a child with special needs, art can represent much more than just some fun learning but aids in the development of the critical motor skills.

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Life Skills

Our curriculum includes guided development for skills that are required for daily living. They include self care, baking, and personal well-being.

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We all know how it feels to be overwhelmed. Special needs children have the same challenges that we all do — stress, fatigue, anxiety. 



Most of our children find it difficult to express themselves,  but can do so most eloquently through creative imagination and expression.

Yoga For Strength & Therapy

Imagine a safe space where students can strengthen their bodies, achieve an increase in concentration and in flexibility. Where learning to balance and move their bodies, will assist in developing coordination and reduce stress and anxiety.

Our Team

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