Life Skills

We strive to integrate care and education into our approach. The SEAL Academy Life Skills Programme is a support programme that is customised for an improved quality of life.


Imagine a safe space where students can strengthen their bodies and achieve an increase in concentration and flexibility.  A space where they will develop coordination, and reduce stress and anxiety. A space to develop awareness of emotions and of others.

Swimming is an extremely effective way of developing motor skills. It also provides a great way to stay active, and water buoyancy can be extremely therapeutic and soothing. as a therapy....

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Meet The Teachers

Teachers can and do change lives. They can light candles in the darkest mind. They can mould beliefs and behaviours and can determine a life’s course. If there’s anyone who is in a position to bring positive change into the world every day, it’s a teacher and every child deserves this champion!  An adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.

We are very blessed to have probably the most incredibly dedicated and patient, kind and loving teachers on planet earth.  The love and dedication our teachers have for all our special needs children, is absolutely incredible. 

The Team on The Ground

Carmen Wheeler  – Class Teacher

Carmen joined the SEAL Academy with UK based experience, working with Special needs children, Foster children and Social work.

Passionate about everything creative, colourful, musical and bright, Carmen could best be described as ALL heart.  In her spare time this Mom of 3, creates gorgeous pottery after giving her time to help at Shelters for the homeless.  

Bee Boaden

Bridgette “Bee” Boaden – Principal

A qualified Foundation Phase teacher with 6 years Special Needs experience

“My first ever job in fact, was a special needs facilitator, little did I know back then that it would plant a seed in my soul that would blossom to where I am now. “

 I always strive to create an environment where children feel love, value, belonging and purpose. If you get these basic values right, it creates a foundation for children to thrive!

Nomfanelo Shandu

Nomfanelo Shandu – Teachers Assistant 

With 4 years of her Education degree behind her and experience working with the elderly, and primary aged children, along with her on-going work in the Humanities and Psychology department at UKZN, Nomfanelo  has the necessary drive, compassion and patience we could all benefit from.

The children are drawn to Nomfanelo’s gentle nature and her quiet disposition.  Nomfanelo qualifies at year end with her Teaching degree.  


Therapists and instructors

It is a privilege to work with such a dedicated team of private professionals, who provide The SEAL Academy with our therapies and extra mural activities. Together, with this team of nurturing passionate and dedicated ladies, our children are afforded the most incredible opportunities for social and emotional development.



Jody Carlson 

Assisting our children with their core strength, focus, posture and overall confidence and health, in our Yoga classes is this amazingly dedicated guru.  

Sarah image for website


Sarah Houston

Ex Natal Swimmer, Springbok bodyboarder and Provincial life saver!  With a passion for water, Sarah has been teaching children and adults to swim for around 20 years.  



Hydie Figg

Activities, through structured exercise, sports or active play. Behaviours become routines that are likely to continue into adulthood.


Imagine a safe space where students can strengthen their bodies, achieve an increase in concentration and in flexibility. Where learning to balance and move their bodies, will assist in developing coordination and reduce stress and anxiety.

Fees & Rules

Find all information pertaining to the Academy fees and regulations for the 2019 Year. 


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