Life Skills

We strive to integrate care and education into our approach. The SEAL Academy Life Skills Programme is a support programme that is customised for an improved quality of life.


Imagine a safe space where students can strengthen their bodies and achieve an increase in concentration and flexibility.  A space where they will develop coordination, and reduce stress and anxiety. A space to develop awareness of emotions and of others.

Swimming is an extremely effective way of developing motor skills. It also provides a great way to stay active, and water buoyancy can be extremely therapeutic and soothing. as a therapy....

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The Founders

Liza Hall is the Mom of Matthew, a young boy with down syndrome and the inspiration for SEAL. Sandy Drew is an experienced teacher, with over 25 years, in both mainstream and special needs eduction.  Sandy was also Matthews former teacher.  

Besides the shortage of decent and affordable special needs schooling available to parents and children in the North Durban area, Liza and Sandy felt a great need to develop an exciting and creative programme for special needs children.  From a need and a wish, a little seed and idea grew into a fully grown concept virtually overnight. 

Liza Hall

Hyper-active Mom of 3, compulsive thinker and creative, sports enthusiast. Marketing Coach with a special interest in SME development as well as a Consultant for her own Digital Marketing consultancy.

Sandy Drew

Mother of 3 adult sons, and lover of the great outdoors! An incredibly dedicated and special needs teacher, roped in due to her compulsive love of teaching with over 25 years experience. 


Exciting, Creative, Learning

” We are both passionate about this initiative and are committed to providing exciting and creative learning opportunities, with appropriate support for all participants to to develop the necessary skills, attitudes and values to enable them to fulfil meaningful and effective roles in society.”

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop social, expressive, artistic and learning opportunities for children.  We aspire to facilitate children in reaching their full potential in whatever individual talents, gifts and special capabilities they can. 

Our aim is to empower children with with self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. To create awareness of Down Syndrome and the importance of community education and involvement. To banish the stigma of special needs children and have them included as active participants and citizens in our communities. And to provide support for parents.

All children want to feel loved, included and accepted.  There is a particular beauty that special needs children and adults have to offer society.  Being a little different Is Ok – It’s Just Different!!

First Newspaper Interview

The Northglen News, 3 April, 2017

First Radio Interview

East Coast Radio Interview, 3 April, 2017

Our Inspiration

Our East Coast Radio Meet 10 year old Matthew. A cheeky, quirky, witty, naughty, tech savvy, life changing, mighty inspiring chap.

Fees & Rules

Find all information pertaining to the Academy fees and regulations for the 2019 Year. 


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